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Safe Campus LLC 

Safe Campus LLC was created to provide affordable Shooter Detection & Prevention services that can identify an active shooter and automatically Notify First Responders, Students, Faculty and Staff of the eminent danger. Additionally our Shooter Detection & Prevention service will identify the Active Shooters location and can initiate  Auto Lockdowns via Geo-Fencing, preventing further ingress of the threat. 

ITIL Certified

Safe Campus LLC
Headquartered in Phoenix & New York

Safe Campus LLC provides affordable Shooter Detection & Prevention technology that can identify an active shooters on a K-12, Higher Education, Hospital, and Houses of Worship campus environments.  With our Shooter Detection & Protection service, we will identify an active shooter, their location and then automatically notify First Responders, and all other responsible individuals in real-time during an emergency – providing location-specific details, saving time and lives.

This achieved by integrating different technologies to saturate the school ground, indoors and outdoors, with sound detection devices. Combining audio detectors inside the facility that are specifically designed for Gun Shot Detection, and Smart Phones carried by the students and faculty, both indoors and outdoors, with our Gun Shot Detection Mobile App installed.

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Indoor & Outdoor Gunfire Detection and Alert Notification System

Safe Campus Services give students and staff reassurance that HELP is on its way!

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