Athena Security Accident Protection


Athena Security Systems enhanced cameras detect slips, falls, and other accidents and immediately alert your security team so that you can take fast, appropriate action.


According to Labor Force Survey (LFS), 60,000 non-fatal injuries
occur to workers each year in the manufacturing sector.

With the use of Athena’s AI technology quickly detect accidents. Take care of your employees and prevent future accidents. Athena’s AI technology quickly and reliably reports accidents so that you can take action immediately and identify and correct safety issues in your warehouse, factory, or workshop.


Athena’s AI system, code named
“Owl,” can detect, report, and even help prevent accidents in the workplace.

Athena helps schools, corporations, retailers and other industries adjust safety measures to help make workplaces more secure and safe.

How it Works


Deploy Athena

Once deployed, Athena is always protecting you, helping to detect accidents. Our system recognizes slips, falls and other accidents in real time.


Configurate Athena

If configured to do so, Athena will then call the EMTs or other rescue personnel and send them a video feed (through the e911 lines) and other pertinent information they’ll need to help identify the nature of the accident and more efficiently respond to the needs of the injured.


Threat Detected

Once an accident is detected, Athena sends a real-time video feed to your security staff, administrator or whomever you designate. At the same time, Athena alerts the victim that help is on the way.


Watch Guard

Athena acts as your virtual WatchGuard, watching many cameras at once and alerting the appropriate parties when an accident occurs.

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