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DELIVERS ACTIVE SHOOTER DEFENSE, Based on Defendry’s AI-powered defense system.

You should feel safe where you
work, worship, learn, & play.

But everyone is at risk of an


And the risk is growing…

Optimize Your Defense 

with Defendry

Normal Security

An active shooter could enter your building at any time. Since human security teams can’t see everything at once, response time often takes minutes to hours.

  • Limited threat detection

Defendry Security

Defendry’s AI-powered defense system strengthens your security by watching all your surveillance cameras 24/7 to automatically detect, deter, and report potential threats in just seconds. Early detection can even automatically lock a shooter out before entering.

  • Strengthens peace of mind

  • Amplifies security team effectiveness

  • Expedites emergency response time


Use Cases

Places you should feel safe

Houses of Worship


Defendry Businesses



Frequently asked questions


Should we replace our current armed guards with Defendry?

You may be able to hire less guards, but we recommend that you don’t get rid of all of them. The fastest armed response to an active shooter will always be to have an armed guard on site already. Defendry’s goal is to help armed guards and security teams do their job better by automatically detecting, deterring, and expediting response to active shooters. A detected active shooter’s image, location, and description of weapon(s) will be immediately reviewed by our 24/7 human verification team and sent to local law enforcement and security teams on site so that they can resolve the situation as intelligently and efficiently as possible. We recommend using Defendry to best equip your security teams to be prepared in case of the worst. To learn more, download our FREE Active Shooter Defense Checklist to make sure your team is equipped.

Does Defendry detect holstered or conscealed guns?

Defendry ignores holstered guns and concealed weapons. It detects visible guns held by a human, which are almost always a sign of trouble. A gun will only be detected if un-holstered.

If I don't want Defendry to report people wearing masks (like in the wintertime), can I customize if/when Defendry will detect masks?

Yes, you can turn mask and intruder detection on or off based on location and time.

Is it possible that Defendry could sound a false alarm?

Defendry has many safeguards in place to prevent false alarms including 24/7 human verification; this guarantees that only verified alerts are reported to law enforcement.

How fast can Defendry lock doors?

Defendry sends a command to your access control system to immediately lock doors as soon as a threat is detected. The actual speed of locking depends on your access control system, but in most cases should be able to happen in a matter of seconds.

During an active shooting, if a non-law-enforcement citizen with a license to carry stepped up to the fight, what would Defendry do?

Because all detections are immediately verified by our 24/7 human monitoring team, live intel from trained professionals would be sent to law enforcement. This will help provide police with critical live intel before they arrive.

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