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Example Scenario

Your child’s school day just began, and all seems well.

However, Defendry has recognized a person in the parking lot pull out what seems to be a gun.

Threat Detected

Defendry immediately locks all entry doors.

Auto-Lock Doors

Still images of the threat are sent to Defendry’s 24/7 human monitoring center for verification.

24/7 Human Verification

The armed person discovers that the front door is locked and decides to try another entry way.

Meanwhile, the monitoring specialist sees that the gun appears real and clicks a button to confirm the emergency scenario.

Automated Emergency Action Plan

Within seconds, Defendry immediately does the following:

Notifies police

Provides emergency action plan instructions

Establishes a secure communication channel

Because the armed criminal was reported to police immediately, law enforcement was more quickly able to locate and detain him.

Organized Collaboration

And follow-up collaboration was also managed right inside Defendry.

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