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The Emergency Automated Gunshot & Lockdown (EAGL) System is a fully automated active shooter response system. EAGL uses science developed by the Department of Energy to analyze waveform and energy level to discern a firearm has been discharged and to prevent false alarms.

This zero false read DUAL VALIDATION TECHNOLOGY will automatically lock down soft target areas within seconds. The building layout shows the shooter location with ballistic data and immediately notifies law enforcement and other emergency responders through email and text messages.

EAGL can also integrate with facility access control, live streaming IP cameras, public address, mass communication, and local emergency notification systems. These functions are performed, automatically and autonomously, all within seconds of a detected threat event.

The wireless FireFly® Indoor and DragonFly™ Outdoor Energy Sensors provide cutting edge waveform analysis processes to differentiate gunshots from other sounds such as thunder and sirens. FireFly® and DragonFly™ are also the only Indoor and Outdoor Energy Sensors that can be used both wireless and simultaneously on the same system! 

FireFly® Features

  • Gunshot Detection Technology developed by the Department of Energy

  • Algorithms analyzes Energy and Waveform to eliminate false alarms

  • Wireless Range over 400ft

  • Indoor Ballistic Detection Range over 100ft

  • 433 MHz wireless frequency

  • 7 year battery life

  • Requires only one node per coverage area


DragonFly™ Features

  • Operates on the Industrial IoT LTE platform 

  • No infrastructure required. Can mount almost anywhere

  • Uses advanced algorithms to eliminate false alarms

  • Can operate on our 433MHz wireless band with 2 miles RF range

  • Very large detection area

  • 7 year battery life

  • Weatherproof IP66

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