High-Tech AI Thermal Cameras To Accurately Spot Coronavirus Carriers

AI technology solutions firm, Athena Security and Partner Safe Campus LLC, are rolling out a line of artificial intelligent thermal cameras, which will be critical in the foreseeable future.

Containing Covid-19 spread

With voters congregating at the primary polls in three US states, exponential spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is inevitable. The infected voters, many of whom will be ignorant that they have the contracted the virus, will spread it to countless others. In the coming weeks, those infected with the virus will need full awareness of their state of health to prevent further spread of the infection.

High-tech AI thermal cameras

AI thermal cameras can be life-saving by giving instant warning to the person that they could have the virus.

Taking into consideration that high temperature is one of the first symptoms of Coronavirus (Covid-19) infection, these high-tech AI thermal cameras can be life-saving by giving instant warning to the person that they could have the virus and encouraging that person to take serious steps to self-quarantine immediately.

Although many voters are bound to contract Coronavirus (Covid-19) when casting votes, steps taken in the coming weeks could prevent those infected from spreading it to loved ones and strangers alike.

Some details surrounding the AI thermal cameras include:

  • The cameras capture video accurately within 1/2 a degree

  • They detect 12 different points on the body

  • These cameras are perfect for mass congregation locations, such as airports, grocery stores, hospitals and voting locations

  • The AI thermal cameras are ‘Ethical’ and feature no facial recognition or personal tracking

  • Athena Security is the first A.I. technology company to accurately detect guns to mitigate mass shootings back in 2018

  • The first deployment of the AI thermal cameras is in Austin, Texas, USA

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