Athena’s Fever Detection System provides fast, accurate mass screening for elevated human body temperatures. The system is non-invasive, non-contact, and fast to screen up to 1,500/hr. The system identifies the face of the subject, ignores background hot spots like hot lights above and other hot objects on the person like a cell phone or hot coffee. The person looks at the camera, and the system finds the hottest point on the face near the eyes, called the inner canthus. Near the eyes is the area that most closely correlates with basal body temperature, so the subject needs to remove glasses and look at the camera. The Athena infrared camera is best utilized as the first of a two-part check point system, where fever is then confirmed by a second medical grade thermometer. Alerts come within a second, and are delivered through multiple options including a web browser, mobile app, and can integrate with your VMS or shown to the subject on an optional iPad.

  • Fast and Frictionless
  • Fever screening, including SARS, Ebola, Coronavirus/COVID-19
  • High Precision Temperature Sensor
  • Accuracy with Blackbody to 0.3 °C, 0.6 °F and is our recommended approach
  • Automatically calibrates and adjusts based on ambient temperature conditions
  • Continuously self-calibrating for near zero drift
  • No manual recalculation
  • The temperatures of multiple people can be taken simultaneously, recommend one to eliminate confusion.
  • For use inside, without passing air, with appropriate back ground
  • Does not pick up asymptomatic, non-febrile people



Athena Security - Fever Detection System for COVID-19, SARS

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Athena Fever Detection System, Components:

    • 1 Year Licensing and Support
    • Highly Sensitive and Accurate Infrared Thermal Camera
    • Blackbody Unit with power cord
    • Pre-configured Processing Box, i7 8400 or better, with power cord
    • POE Router with power cord
    • iPad with Mount, Adapter, and Cable
    • Surge Protector Outlet (Optional)
    • Camera Stand (Optional)
    • Blackbody Stand (Optional)
    • FDA Thermometer (Optional)
    •  “Please remove glasses and head ware” Sign
    • Setup Guide (English Online)
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