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select the alert.

send your location.

notify and ​communicate.



  • Monitor multiple locations, with multiple emergencies from your desktop, laptop, patrol car or smartphone

  • Reverse alert facilities with a click of a button

  • See safety status room by room

  • Send information to all people in the facility or communicate one on one with a single person

  • Interactive floor plan to show rooms cleared, rooms that are safe and rooms that need help.

  • Let the incident commander maintain command and control from any location

​Single sign on with


  • See all emergencies from your desktop, laptop or smartphone

  • Send alerts with a click of a button

  • See what is happening around you

  • Send information to all teachers or communicate one on one with a single person

  • Interactive floor plans for better decision making

  • The principal can keep everyone updated all the time

  • Instant access to reunification sites

Give DIR-S a Test Drive at No Cost


Feel free to give DIR-S a test drive. We want you to experience the power of DIR-S first hand. Send us your info and we will give you the "keys" (login credentials). All we ask is that you drive and let us help and guide you along the way. We promise not to be too much of a side-seat driver.

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